How To Change Your Netflix Region

So Netflix finally started offering their service in your country. You got all excited and signed up for their free trial only to find that there was hardly any content to choose from. Unless you’re in a Netflix region like the US or UK then you would only have access to around 7% to 12% of the content that American Netflix subscribers have. What if there was a way to change your Netflix region so that you could access all that other yummy content from other countries? Well there is and this is how to watch Netflix from other countries.

Get The Best Netflix Unblocker DNS Service

First you need to sign up for a free trial from Smart DNS. Follow the instructions on their “How to setup” page and make the necessary changes to the DNS settings on your router. Once you’re done, login to your Smart DNS account and make sure your “My Account” page looks like this:

Netflix DNS Unblocker - Setup

If you see all 4 green ticks then you know that you’ve completed the setup process correctly.

How To Change Netflix Region

Now we can change our Netflix country to anything we want to. On your “My Account” page click on the “Regions” link shown here circled in red:

Smart DNS Proxy - Netflix Regions

This will load the page where you can change your Netflix regions. On the left of the page you will see a drop down selector. Click this and choose the region you would like to access. Once you’ve selected a Netflix region click the “Update” button next to the region selector.

Change Netflix Region

It will take a few seconds and then a dialog box will appear confirming that your Netflix region has changed. Now when you load the Netflix website you will be able to watch all the content from that region instead of just the tiny amount Netflix offer in your region.

Try checking out Netflix regions like Japan, UK and Canada in addition to the US. Often these regions have content that aren’t even offered on American Netflix.

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