How To Watch Rugby World Cup Streaming For Free

The broadcast rights for the Rugby World Cup 2015 have been given to a number of paid television services but if you want to watch all the games streaming live and for free you’re in for a treat. ITV have the broadcast rights in England and it’s a free service. The only problem is that if you don’t live in the UK then because they employ geo-blocking you won’t be able to access their content. That is, unless you use the DNS solution from Smart DNS.

Smart DNS

If you haven’t already signed up with Smart DNS then go on over to the Smart DNS website and sign up for the free trial. Follow their setup instructions from their “How To Setup” page and make sure that once you’ve made the changes to your DNS that you see all green ticks on your “My Account” page. Now you’re good to go.

Once your Smart DNS account is set up properly head over to the ITV website and click on the “Watch on ITV Player” button that you’ll see in the World Cup Rugby banner.

Watch Rugby World Cup Online For Free

In the top right corner click on the Register / Sign In link and sign up with your email address and a password. During the signup process they try and get sneaky by asking you to also enter a valid UK postal code. You can use any valid post code from the UK but here are a few you could use: EC1V 9FR, SE21 8ER, SW1A 0AA. Copy and paste one of these making sure to keep the space between the first and last group of numbers/letters.

Now you can watch content on ITV. The Rugby World Cup games are streamed for free on ITV channel 1 and some games on channel 4. Check out the schedule at the bottom of this post. At the scheduled time of the game if you go to the ITV Player page you’ll see something like this:

ITV Player - Rugby World Cup Free Streaming

Click on the image in the middle and the player will load. You’ll first be shown some adverts and after that you’ll see the live content. Just before kickoff there will be some more adverts and then for some inexplicable reason they show a large white screen with the ITV logo and a message saying “We’ll be right back” for about a minute. Don’t stress about this because this page goes away by itself after 30 seconds to a minute and they get back to the action before the kickoff.

The resolution is really good. It’s not full HD but it’s pretty close. Unfortunately there’s no way to manage the resolution yourself as they try and vary it according to your line speed but we recommend having a 4Mb line. You could try it with a 2Mb line but even with a 4Mb line we found that the stream tended to pause and buffer every now and again. You could improve this by clearing your cache and cookies before hand and also asking your internet service provider to recreate your port.

ITV also has a bunch of other content besides the Rugby. They also have good catch-up content so you can watch a game you may have missed or even watch Rugby World Cup highlights of all the games.

Here’s the schedule for all the games.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Match Schedule

Fri 18 Sept – ENGLAND v FIJI (Twickenham) – ITV, 7.25pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sat 19 Sept – TONGA v GEORGIA (Kingsholm) – ITV, 11.30am (12pm Kick-off)

Sat 19 Sept – IRELAND v CANADA (Millennium Stadium) – ITV, 2pm (2.30pm Kick-off)

Sat 19 Sept – SOUTH AFRICA v JAPAN (Brighton Community Stadium) – ITV, 4.35pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Sat 19 Sept – FRANCE v ITALY (Twickenham) – ITV4, 7.15pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sun 20 Sept – SAMOA v USA (Brighton Community Stadium) – ITV, 11.30am (12pm Kick-off)

Sun 20 Sept – WALES v URUGUAY (Millennium Stadium) – ITV, 2pm (2.30pm Kick-off)

Sun 20 Sept – NEW ZEALAND v ARGENTINA (Wembley Stadium) – ITV, 4.30pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Wed 23 Sept – SCOTLAND v JAPAN (Kingsholm) – ITV, 2pm (2.30pm Kick-off)

Wed 23 Sept – AUSTRALIA v FIJI (Millennium Stadium) – ITV, 4.30pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Wed 23 Sept – FRANCE v ROMANIA (Olympic Stadium, 8pm) – ITV4, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Thur 24 Sept – NEW ZEALAND v NAMIBIA (Olympic Stadium) – ITV, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Fri 25 Sept – ARGENTINA v GEORGIA (Kingsholm) – ITV4, 4.15pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Sat 26 Sept – ITALY v CANADA (Elland Road) – ITV, 2pm (2.30pm Kick-off)

Sat 26 Sept – SOUTH AFRICA v SAMOA (Villa Park) – ITV, 4.35pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Sat 26 Sept – ENGLAND v WALES (Twickenham) – ITV, 7.15pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sun 27 Sept – AUSTRALIA v URUGUAY (Villa Park) – ITV, 11.30am (12pm Kick-off)

Sun 27 Sept – SCOTLAND v USA (Elland Road) – ITV, 2pm (2.30pm Kick-off)

Sun 27 Sept – IRELAND v ROMANIA – (Wembley) – ITV, 4.30pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Tues 29 Sept – TONGA v NAMIBIA (Sandy Park) – ITV4, 4.15pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Thur 1 Oct – WALES v FIJI (Millennium Stadium) – ITV, 4pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Thur 1 Oct – FRANCE v CANADA (Stadiummk) – ITV4, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Fri 2 Oct – NEW ZEALAND v GEORGIA (Millennium Stadium) – ITV, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sat 3 Oct – SAMOA v JAPAN (Stadiummk) – ITV, 2pm (2.30pm Kick-off)

Sat 3 Oct – SOUTH AFRICA v SCOTLAND (St James Park) – ITV, 4.20pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Sat 3 Oct – ENGLAND v AUSTRALIA (Twickenham) – ITV, 7.15pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sun 4 Oct – ARGENTINA v TONGA (Leicester City Stadium) – ITV, 2pm (2.30pm Kick-off)

Sun 4 Oct – IRELAND v ITALY (Olympic Stadium) – ITV, 4.20pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Tues 6 Oct – CANADA v ROMANIA (Leicester City Stadium) – ITV4, 4.15pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Tues 6 Oct – FIJI v URUGUAY (Stadiummk) – ITV4, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Wed 7 Oct – SOUTH AFRICA v USA (Olympic Stadium) – ITV, 4pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Wed 7 Oct – NAMIBIA v GEORGIA (Sandy Park) – ITV4, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Fri 9 Oct – NEW ZEALAND v TONGA (St James Park) – ITV4, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sat 10 Oct – SAMOA v SCOTLAND (St James Park) – ITV, 2pm (2.30pm Kick-off)

Sat 10 Oct – AUSTRALIA v WALES (Twickenham) – ITV, 4.30pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Sat 10 Oct – ENGLAND v URUGUAY (Manchester City Stadium) – ITV, 7.15pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sun 11 Oct – ARGENTINA v NAMIBIA (Leicester City Stadium) – ITV, 11.30am (12pm Kick-off)

Sun 11 Oct – ITALY v ROMANIA (Sandy Park) – ITV, 2.10pm (2.30pm Kick-off)

Sun 11 Oct – FRANCE v IRELAND (Millennium Stadium) – ITV, 4.20pm (4.45pm Kick-off)

Sun 11 Oct – USA v JAPAN (Kingsholm) – ITV4, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sat 17 Oct – QUARTER FINAL 1 (Twickenham) – ITV, 3pm (4pm Kick-off)

Sat 17 Oct – QUARTER FINAL 2 (Millennium Stadium) – ITV, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sun 18 Oct – QUARTER FINAL 3 (Millennium Stadium) – ITV, 12.30pm (1pm Kick-off)

Sun 18 Oct – QUARTER FINAL 4 (Twickenham) – ITV, 3.15pm (4pm Kick-off)

Sat 24 Oct – SEMI FINAL 1 (Twickenham) – ITV, 3pm (4pm Kick-off)

Sun 25 Oct – SEMI FINAL 2 (Twickenham) – ITV, 3pm (4pm Kick-off)

Fri 30 Oct – BRONZE FINAL (Olympic Stadium) – ITV, 7.30pm (8pm Kick-off)

Sat 31 Oct – FINAL (Twickenham) – ITV, 3pm (4pm Kick-off)

So if you’re worried about where to watch the Rugby World Cup games or how much it’s going to cost your for pay per view options then fret no more. All the Rugby World Cup 2015 games will be streamed online for free and with the solution we describe above you can watch them from anywhere in the world.

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