How To Watch American Netflix In SA

Can you watch American Netflix in South Africa? Absolutely! Our simple guide will show you how to use your current Netflix account to access American Netflix content.

Netflix South Africa shows only 7% of the content that is available on American Netflix. Our simple guide shows you how to unblock this and start watching American Netflix in South Africa today.

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So Netflix South Africa has finally launched. But there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that you can now get some great content that wasn’t available to you before.

The bad news is that even if you sign up for Netflix in South Africa you will only be able to access 7% of the content that is available on American Netflix.

With Smart DNS Proxy now you can access all the Netflix content. It’s actually pretty simple but you need to follow a few steps to get it right. For the short answer you can go straight to Smart DNS Proxy.

If you want a more detailed explanation of how to use the Smart DNS solution to unblock Netflix in South Africa then here are the simple steps to follow.

Netflix South Africa – Why Don’t We Get American Netflix Content?

First off, why isn’t the American Netflix content available in South Africa? Netflix only operates in certain countries and they check your IP address to make sure that you are in one of those countries before providing you the service.

This is why, when you tried to access Netflix before they launched in South Africa you probably saw this:


Now when you go to the Netflix website they will allow you to sign up but once again they look at your IP address to see which country you are in.

When they see that you are in South Africa they only make a limited amount of content available to you and not the huge amount of shows and movies that are available in the US.

This is because it costs Netflix money to license content every time they make it available in a different region.

If they show a movie in the US they need to pay the production house that made the movie a license fee.

If they want to make that same movie available to Netflix South Africa subscribers then they need to pay an additional license fee.

When you consider how much smaller the potential market in South Africa is compared to the American Netflix market then you begin to understand why they don’t spend too much money on making all the content available in South Africa. It just wouldn’t be profitable for them.

To give you an idea of the difference in the amount of content that Netflix makes available in different countries check out the stats below:

Netflix titles in each country

We don’t have the stats yet for South Africa but you can imagine it’s going to be pretty low down on this scale.

It is estimated that there are just under 700 titles available on South African Netflix compared to a total of 14,500 titles available in other Netflix regions combined.

With the Smart DNS solution you will be able to access all the American Netflix content which is over 5,000 titles.

The process we will outline below will enable you to make it appear as if you are accessing the service from within the US.

Once you do this then you’ll be able to stream Netflix from anywhere.

Now it’s going to get a little technical but if you follow the steps exactly it’s going to be a breeze.

Unblock American Netflix in South Africa: VPN or DNS?

To be able to unblock American Netflix in South Africa you need to make it look like you’re in the US and you do this by using either a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a Smart DNS service provider.

The VPN route is the worst possible way to go. It’s super slow and ends up redirecting all your internet traffic through the VPN. Don’t do it!

Netflix South AfricaThe solution from Smart DNS Proxy is the way to go. It’s far quicker and only routes certain traffic so all your normal internet traffic still goes directly to the website you’re accessing.

First go on over to the Netflix website and sign up for their free trial.

Even though you’re signing up for an account on the South African Netflix we’ll be able to use that account to watch American Netflix once we’ve got our smart DNS set up.

If you’re running on less than a 4Mb line then it would probably be best to just choose the cheapest $7.99 per month package.

That being said, I manage just fine loading the HD content on a 4Mb line so if you’ve got a decent internet connection then sign up for the HD package.

Now go to Smart DNS Proxy and sign up for their free 14 day trial.

You don’t need to give them your credit card details, DNA samples or anything else besides your email address to access the free trial.

Once you get it up and running after the 14 days you can choose to continue to use their service or not.

We’re guessing you’re going to once you see how awesome it is to stream American Netflix and other media you never had access to.

Smart DNS Proxy have a few different payment options starting from $4.99 per month or you can save a few bucks by signing up for their annual or 24 month packages.

Their setup process is brilliant! They make it so easy that my mom could follow the instructions.

Once you’ve logged into your Smart DNS account then click on “How To Setup” at the top of the page.

Essentially they will be showing you how to set your DNS settings of your device to use their DNS servers.

For every router, operating system, smart TV or mobile device they’ve got step by step simple instructions to help you get set up.

You can either set your router up with the DNS settings so that all your devices (laptop, tablet, etc…) that connect via the router can access Netflix or you can set it up on a single device like your laptop.

You can set Smart DNS Proxy up on a router, television, PC, laptop, iPad or even a set top box like Roku. You simply choose your device from the list and they show you step by step how to set it up.

The easiest option is to just make the changes on your router instead of on each individual device. If the changes are made on your router then each device connecting via that router will be able to access American Netflix.

Once you’ve followed all the steps restart your device and go to Smart DNS and login again.

After you have made the network changes make sure you restart your device and then log in to your Smart DNS Proxy account and check for the four green ticks on the right of the “My Account” page indicating the status to see if you made the changes correctly.

If you see 4 green ticks like in the picture below then it means you have completed the setup successfully.

Smart DNS - Account - 4 green ticks

If you see that the third tick is red then just click on the “Activate” link next to it and restart your browser.

If your router powers down at some point or if your ISP renews your IP address then you’ll need to come back to this page to click on the “Activate” link again to make sure you get 4 green ticks.

If you have any trouble with this then use the support link on the Smart DNS website or drop us a mail and we’ll help you out.

So you’ve got Smart DNS up and running, what’s next?

Well now if you go to the Netflix website instead of seeing the content they make available in South Africa you will see the content that American Netflix users have access to.

This solution will also allow you to have Hulu South Africa even though they haven’t launched here yet.

How to Change Your Netflix Region

So while the American Netflix content is great there are a lot of shows that are region specific and aren’t available on the American Netflix.

This means that if you wanted to watch something like the Battlestar Galactica series or British comedies like Fawlty Towers you need to change your Netflix region the the UK.

If you want to watch some Anime you need to change your Netflix region to Japan.

Smart DNS is a great solution to unblock loads of content but it will only let you watch either your local Netflix or the American Netflix.

If you want to change your Netflix region to another country then you need to get Nord VPN and check out the video below:

Ok, so this all sounds great but perhaps there are some things you’re still not quite clear on. So here are some answers to a few questions you might have:

Netflix South Africa – How much does it cost?

For the Smart DNS service and the Netflix subscription, you’re looking at around $13 per month. With the current exchange rate that comes to around R180 per month.

Of course, you need to add the cost of having an ADSL line and service provider but seeing as you’re reading this website I guess you’ve already got that sorted.

At any rate, it’s still a bargain compared to the other paid options currently available in South Africa.

Even if you decide to get internet access exclusively for the sake of Netflix you’re probably looking at around R700 for internet access, R180 for your Netflix subscription and about R50 per month for your Smart DNS subscription if you sign up for a year package with them.

Even with all of that considered it’s still a far better alternative DSTV. You get a lot more content, on demand.

The only thing you miss out on is the sports and there are other online options to get around that issue.

Using the Smart DNS solution gives you access to plenty of sports streaming in South Africa options.

What kind of ADSL connection do I need to stream American Netflix in South Africa?

A 2Mb line will be just fine but 4Mb is better. When you select a movie or program to watch you’ll see that it buffers for a while (probably around 20 seconds) and then starts playing.

You can set the quality of the picture up or down from within the Netflix player. Hold shift-alt and left click on the screen and then select a higher or lower rate.

If you’ve got a fast line then the higher quality picture will play just fine and the buffering will be a lot shorter.

With some of the updates that Netflix have made you may no longer have control over the resolution of the picture and it will set it automatically for you depending on the internet speed you are currently experiencing.

The maximum resolution that you will experience is also dependant on the Netflix package you signed up for.

The more expensive packages will allow for the full HD experience and it’s defintely wortht the extra bucks.

Netflix South Africa vs Hulu

If you’re comparing the Netflix South Africa offering to the Hulu content then this is a no brainer.

Hulu is way better. But, if you’re using the Smart DNS solution and have unblocked American Netflix then the answer is not so clear cut. Both companies offer a lot of new bingeworthy TV series.

Hulu has a lot more of the newer series that are syndicated on American cable channels while Netflix probably has a greater depth into some of the documentaries and classic series.

Both are really good though and it may be worth it to subscribe to both.

There’s a lot more out there that becomes available to you now that you’ve got your DNS server set up so sweetly.

You can access services like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer and so many more. Spotify South Africa has recently launched here yet but this solution even lets you get Spotify without the ads with a little tweak.

You can check out the “Services” page on the Smart DNS website for a full list of other unblocked options.

They have plenty of other streaming media options unblocked for you to use anywhere in the world. Some of our favorites are BBC iPlayer or some of the news channels like Al Jazeera. Of course, some of these are going to be paid services but a lot of them are free as well.

This tweak will also allow you to use your Roku box, if you have one, to access a lot more content than you could before.

We’re really happy to see that Netflix is finally available in South Africa but local users still don’t get access to the full Netflix experience because they miss out on so much of the content that is available on American Netflix.

Signing up with Smart DNS Proxy is the easiest and quickest way to unblock Netflix and be able to watch all of the content that the American users get access to.

It works with your current Netflix subscription so there’s no need to make any changes to your Netflix account. Simply sign up with Smart DNS, make the DNS changes on your router and you’re done.

So go get Smart DNS Proxy so that you can start streaming and watch American Netflix in South Africa.

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Netflix South Africa

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  1. When im punching in my credit card details it keep on saying. “We could not verify your payment details” what must I do now.

    1. Make sure you’re using a zip code like 90210 and check if your card is allowed to make international payments (ie. like on Amazon) and if funds are available on the card. Otherwise try another card or if all else fails try using Entropay which we link to in the guide above. If you’re using a Visa or Mastercard there shouldn’t be any issue.

    2. Hi guys. Please could you help me with regards to Hulu.

      I have downloaded the app on my ps4 and everything looks good. But I am having problems with my credit card.

      Please could you advise me

  2. Hi there. Is it necessary to pay for the plan after the free month? I would only like to test it out, not pay just yet.

    1. Hi Paige. As long as you cancel your Netflix subscription before the 30 day trial ends then you won’t be charged a cent. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to love it though and won’t be doing that. 🙂

  3. Can a Netflix download be paused or saved for viewing for a certain period or is it “live” only. With our slow internet speed I was hoping you could download over a period of time and watch that night

    1. Netflix is a streaming only service so you can’t buffer the entire program before watching. The best thing to do is to start whatever program you want to watch, pause it until it buffers as far as it will (normally about 5 to 10 minutes) and then watch while it continues to load the rest. I’m not sure what your line speed is but a 2Mb line is plenty enough to watch Netflix. With a 2Mb line it only buffers for around 20 seconds before playing.

  4. Can I use this service on my smart TV?I’m using a Dstv service but want to use this instead.I just don’t want the inconvenience of connecting the PC to the lounge.thanks

    1. Hi Kareem. This will work perfectly on your smart TV. Follow this link: and sign up for the free trial. After you’ve done this then click on “How To Setup” at the top of that page. You will see a dropdown called “Choose your television”. Select your television from the list and click “Setup”. Follow the instructions step by step and then try to access the Netflix website. Let me know if you have any trouble with this.

      1. Hi. I’ve got a new samsung uh9000 series 9 tv and cannot use the smart remote to change smarthub location on terms&conditions page as the site suggests by entering the sequence becoz the remote doesn’t have numbers.
        How do I change smarthub location? Thx

        1. Hi Abu. I’m not sure why you are trying to change the smarthub location because from what I can tell from the Smart DNS setup instructions and the user manulal for that TV you just need to change the DNS settings. To enter a number with the touch remote the user manual I saw recommends pressing the “More” button when you are on the field you want to enter the number. When you do this a virtual remote panel with numbers should be displayed on the screen that will allow you to enter the DNS address manually. I advise you to follow the instructions on the Smart DNS “How to Setup” page. Select “Samsung” from the “Choose your television” dropdown and follow those instructions. I’d love to hear if you managed to get this working. If not, let me know and I’ll assist you further. If our page was helpful please share it with your friends using our Twitter and Facebook buttons on the left of the page.

  5. I’ve tried and tried. But, perhaps I don’t have a great router (Tenda W548D) ? I can’t find how to change DNS settings. Is there another way perhaps?

    1. Hi Manshil. You don’t have to make the DNS changes on the router. You can make the DNS changes on your device (laptop, pc, etc…) and it will work. After you’ve signed up for the Smart DNS free trial go to the “How to setup” link on the top of the page and then choose your operating system from the “Choose your computer” list to see how to do this. Let me know if this works for you.

  6. How do I change the DNS servers on a Pace router from Telkom? I can’t seem to do it! I have successfully changed it on my laptop, but also can’t do it on my Samsung smart TV & so still need to do it on my router to use my TV. Thanks

  7. Hannah, from what I understand the Pace modem from Telkom doesn’t make it easy to change DNS settings because of some options Telkom removes from the setup interface. I believe that you can Telnet to the modem using a Telnet program like Putty and then use Linux commands to make the changes. If you Google: “PACE 921VNX” dns telnet – you should see a few articles on the mybroadband website that show how to do this. What model Samsung TV do you have? It should be easier to change the DNS settings there.

    1. That does sound complicated! I have the H5500 Series 5 Tv. I did change the DNS settings on there, and it worked for one day, but it is now not working again! It comes up with an error message ‘Couldn’t connect to Netflix…’

      1. I think I might know what the problem is. Log in to your Smart DNS Proxy account and click on “My Account”. You probably have 2 green ticks and one red cross next to “IP Address Activation. Click “reactivate”, close your browser, reopen it and try again. Every time Eskom switches off the lights you’ll need to do this when you get power again. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi I have moved to England and people I’m staying with have Netflix and when I go to download the app it saying I can’t get Netflix cox My phone is south Africa. And is not avaible in my app stores.. Do u know how to get the UK account?

  9. Sarah I suggest getting a US iTunes account and then following the instructions on our website so that you can watch the American Netflix content. You will then have to have your own subscription to Netflix because I’m guessing the people you are staying with have a UK Netflix account. If you prefer to use their Netflix then just get yourself set up with the UK iTunes account. Google: UK iTunes Account techjunkie – This will show you see how to get a UK account but you can apply their solution to any country iTunes account.

  10. Hi there
    We are trying to enter payment details using Visa credit card, but every time we enter the payment details, it gives this error message:
    Sorry, we are unable to process your request. Please try again later. How would we get around this?
    Also, please advise what the zip code is?
    Many thanks and kind regards

    1. Hi Oriel,

      We cover this in the info above but this is what you need to do. If you get the following message: “Sorry, we are unable to complete the signup process now. Please try again later.” or something similar then you probably haven’t restarted your computer or you might need to clear your browsers cache. Try restarting your machine and you should be good to go. If it still gives you this message then you will need to clear your browser’s cache and restart your machine again. You can use 90210 as the zip code. Let me know if this works. If not I’ll gladly assist you further.

        1. When you go to the Smart DNS Proxy website and click on “My Account” do you see all 3 green ticks under the “Smart DNS Proxy Configuration Status” heading? If you don’t then make sure you follow the instruction on their “How to Setup” page under the “Choose your iOS/Android” dropdown. I’ve not set up the Smart DNS Proxy service on an iPhone before and I see that their recommendation is to rather change the DNS settings on your router if you will be watching on your phone. If this isn’t possible and you have all three green ticks and are still having trouble then my suggestion is to contact Smart DNS tech support via their website. They’re pretty good with providing tech support.

  11. I’m all signed up but when click on links to watch films it tells me the webpage is not available 🙁 It seems to want me to download the app, which it won’t allow me to do. Using Android tablet.

    1. Hi Claire. Well done on getting to the point where you can actually access the Netflix site. The next challenge with Android devices is that the Netflix app is on the US Play store which can be tricky to access outside the US. Try this rather: Make sure you’re signed into your Smart DNS Proxy account and then Google: “Amazon App Store” and click on the first link and register for an account. You need to use a fake US address and phone number (any number will do) and then you can download the Netflix app. Just search for “Netflix” on the Amazon App Store and install the free app. I’d love to hear if this works for you but if you need more help let me know. Also, if you like our site it would be awesome if you shared it with your Twitter and Facebook friends. Ciao

  12. I live in a village. At the moment I am just using a small stick modem thing. I will have WiFI from end of month, will I need uncapped? Does it drain data? Also speed (I am not tech savvy) what is the best speed to get on my wifi considering Netflix is what I want! The store talk about 1054?? blah blah, obviously costs involved for different speeds, what do you recommend? (confused Hermanus, no telkom lines)

  13. Hi Granville. You’ll need to get your Wifi going because you don’t want to be watching Netflix via 3G. As far as line speed goes you need to have about a 2Mb (MegaBit) connection. I use Afrihost as my service provider. I watch between 1 and 2 hours a day which uses around 30Gigs of bandwidth. Don’t get an uncapped account because your service provider will throttle the bandwidth for certain traffic. When you get your router make sure it’s one that allows you to make changes to the DNS settings. If you’re not going to be using Telkom ADSL just make sure with your service provider that they make it possible for you to change your DNS settings as per the instructions on the Smart DNS Proxy “How To Setup” page.

  14. Hi, I’m very excited about this. Just starting researching it as I wanna get rid of Dstv. I was told that I can also use a HDMI cable from my Playstaion 3 and connect to my TV but not sure how the setup will work. Can you advise?

    1. Hi Wayne. Yeah, I cancelled DSTV about 18 months ago and with Netflix I just never missed it for a minute.
      You can use the Smart DNS solution on your Playstation 3. Click the Smart DNS picture in the post above to get to the Smart DNS website and after signing up for the free trial login and click on the “How to setup” link at the top of the page. Then select “Playstation 3” from the “Choose your console” dropdown and click “Setup”. They give step by step instructions on how to set this up. If you have any trouble let me know and I’ll give you a hand. Also, if our page helped you out please share it with your friends using the social media buttons on the left. Cheers

  15. Wow- just started researching this and thanks so much for all your free advice! Is there someone in the Cape Town area who can simply come over and do all the necessary changes ?
    Also… On a 2 meg line I battle to stream video- is it because I am uncapped and will this also happen with Netflix?

    1. Hi Carol. You’re welcome! With the uncapped packages your ISP will usually throttle certain types of data like streaming video. My suggestion is to try the free Netflix trial with your current package and see how it works. I have a capped package with a 2Mb line and Netflix doesn’t normally buffer for longer than 20 seconds before playing the content. If you have any issues I suggest signing up with Afrihost for a capped package. They have great service at good prices. If you have any trouble setting this up send me a mail via our contact page with your contact details and I’ll be happy to help. The “How to setup” page on the Smart DNS website is pretty comprehensive though. If you liked our page please use the social media buttons on the left to share it with your friends.

  16. I there, i have Netflix downloaded to my laptop and it is active. I am using a telkom router and when the movie starts it then stop 5mins in and an error message apears. (internet connection or something else has caused netflix to stop.) i then back arrow, restart movie and same procedure)
    i have a 10meg line so it cant be that. youtube streams very well, no interruptions or even buffering. There is some gossip about the telkom router and DSTV blocking Netflix…

    1. I can’t be sure what the problem is but here are a few things to check or to try. When you go to your Smart DNS Account do you see all 3 green ticks? I’m guessing you probably do, seeing as you are able to access the Netflix site. Have you changed the DNS settings on your router or on your laptop? If the changes were made on your router rather change those settings back to what they were and make the DNS changes on your laptop. Are you using the South African DNS address that Smart DNS gives ( The following settings have also worked for me: preferred: and alternate: I use Afrihost as my service provider and they have a 1Gig free trial account you can sign up for. Maybe try switching ISP’s and see if this sorts the problem out. Let me know if any of this helps you get it sorted out.

  17. Is this legal in SA to watch Netflix by bypassing the local DNS servers to fool Netflix to think that you’re in the US? – if so, sign me up!

    1. This is always the contentious question and a lot has been said by lawers on both sides of the issue. The just of it is that there is no law that says you aren’t allowed to access international websites like Netflix via VPN’s or DNS servers that hide your location. Netflix have an obligation to their content providers to honor the terms of their licensing agreement in making best effort to prevent access to their content from other regions. The legal obligation is on them, not on the users. The worst that could happen is that if Netflix suspected you weren’t a US resident they would have to cancel your account. There’s a reason they don’t look to hard to find this out though. They are a business and they want your money so they are quietly happy that a significant portion of their revenue comes from markets they aren’t really allowed to tap into. If you bypassed their payment system and got their content for free then that would be illegal and you can be sure that it would get their attention. It’s very much the same issue with having a US iTunes account outside the US. If anyone has any other info / views on this let me know.

  18. Thanks for all the great help in getting Netflix up and running.
    I am running a 2Mb line from Afrihost and over wifi to my laptop but I definitely dont get the speed you are describing.

    I just started using it today and I have been waiting for some series 10min and still nothing happens. Another episode of that series or another movie and it takes about 3-4min before it loads and starts buffering. But definitely NOT 20s…
    Can you help?

    1. Hey Clayten. So glad you managed to get it working but we’ve got to sort that speed issue out. Do you have a capped or uncapped account with Afrihost? With the uncapped accounts, like most ISP’s, they throttle certain types of traffic like streaming. This may be why you are stuck watching the spinning circle of buffering death. Try this: Sign up for Afrihost’s free 1Gb account (under another email address if necessary) and try accessing Netflix via that account. Remember to first go to your Smart DNS account and make sure you have all 3 green ticks because your IP might update when you switch accounts. Let me know if this results in quicker buffering. You really shouldn’t have to wait longer than around 30 seconds. If it doesn’t work, let me know and we can try something else. If it does work then – happy viewing! And feel free to go mad with our social share buttons on the left of the screen. Cheers

  19. Hi, I tried to selected the different payment methods, but neither Paypal, Entropay or credit card is allowing me to subscribe? I believe it is down to the address verification on the cards, was I suppose to select USA when registering with Entropay?


    1. Hi Ryno. Please let me know what error message you get or to what point you get to in the subscription process. I don’t think it’s an address verification issue. Have you activated your credit card for international purchases? Are you using a zip code like 90210 when you sign up for the Netflix account? If you’re getting the “We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.” message then it’s not a payment method issue. You just need to follow the advice I give in the post above about clearing your cache, restarting your machine and if that doesn’t work then try flushing your DNS. After you clear your cache and restart your machine make sure you first login to your Smart DNS account and make sure you see the three green ticks. Once you’ve done this try using your credit card again. Let me know if this helps.

  20. Hi there, will I be able to watch Netflix Mexico or Netflix in Spanish here in SA?

    1. Absolutely. Get yourself setup with the free trial from Smart DNS, make the changes to your DNS settings as explained and then try and access the Netflix Mexico website. If you have any trouble just send a tech support request via the Smart DNS website. They’re really good with their support.

    1. It is a terrific solution and sarcasm is my favorite form of humor…almost. The site is up so I’m not sure what trouble you’re having. Try again, follow the instructions, enjoy Netflix. You’re welcome.

  21. I have managed to login to Netflix however, when I click on a movie, it take me to a page with a message that reads “instant watching system compatibility”. This is pc related. No movies seem to be streaming! Please advice.

    1. Hi Deamta. What device, operating system and browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser? Also, make sure your Silverlight plugin is up to date. Let me know if this doesn’t do the trick and I’ll see what I can do to help.

      1. I have a Telkom Dlink router. I am presently using a Samsung smart TV. I have configured the DNS settings as specified. I am given access to Netflix but as soon as I click on a movie, it takes me to the message page as described above. Oops! Forgot to mention that I know very little about computer jargon but I have followed all of what DNS smart has asked me to do. Thanks.

        1. Have you tried watching it via the Netflix app on the Samsung TV? If you don’t see the app available then make sure you’re logged into your Smart DNS account and that you get all three green ticks. Next, change the country setting of the TV to US. I’m not sure what model you have but to access this setting when you are on the main Smart Hub screen press the following keys on your remote one after the other: [FF]289[REW]

  22. Hi there. I’ve managed to do everything as instructed but when i click on a movie all it does is show the image of the movie that i selected and the red loading sign in center of the screen. What is it doing and why isn’t the movie playing? Please help!

    1. Hi Nauweed. Good job on getting this far. Now let’s get this buffering issue sorted. What service provider are you using and what ADSL line speed do you have? If it keeps buffering it’s because of bandwidth constraints. Also, if you have an uncapped account your service provider probably throttles internet traffic like streaming video. You’ll be better off with a good capped account from the likes of Afrihost. Also, make sure you aren’t running any other downloads or torrent downloads on clients like Vuze / Azeurus.

  23. I landed up here by mistake. I was searching GeoDns and Netflix. Anyway, I read the web site because it was nicely laid out. I read the comments because I couldn’t belive how patient and helpful you were with every query.

    Well done, a great site.

  24. I am considering Netflix, sick and tired of DSTV. Do not have time now but will setup it up soon. Just needed your contact that is why I am emailing.

    Please reply to my email, I will appreciate it.

    You are doing an excellent job.



    1. Watching DSTV is the equivalent of using Morse code instead of email. Use the Smart DNS proxy service above and enjoy Netflix or even free services like BBC iPlayer and many more. If you have any questions pop me a mail at info(at) .

  25. I have a 2 mb line and have an Apple tv. How do I go about to set it up to watch Netflix. a trial will be fine just to see what I am getting. Much appreciated

    1. Hi Leon. Click on the Smart DNS logo above and sign up for their free two week trial with your email. Once you’ve done that sign into your Smart DNS account and click on the “How to setup” link at the top of the page. Right at the bottom of the page click on “Choose your set top box”, select Apple TV and click “Setup”. Follow the instructions to change your DNS settings. Once you’ve done that click on “My account” on the top right of the screen and make sure you get all three green ticks. After that, go the the Netflix website and follow the instructions that we give in this page. Let me know if you have any trouble with this. If this page has helped you at all it would be great if you could use the social buttons on the left of this page to share it with your friends.

  26. Good day, thanks for your info just reading all the queries you have answered,,great work,, are there only movie channels we can watch?/ or do Netflix have also a variey like DSTV, (no repeats) ??

    1. Hey Avril. Netflix have loads of movies, TV series, documentaries, foods shows, travel shows, etc… It’s all “On Demand” which means you get to watch what you want when you want. They also add new shows and movies every month. Besides Netflix, the Smart DNS solution we refer to above allows you to access things like Hulu as well which has both free and paid shows. For a long list of what you will be able to access by using the free trial of the Smart DNS solution sign up for their free trial and then click on the “Services” link on the top of their website. Enjoy!

    1. Sadly no. But there are other ways to watch sports online like “” but you have to wade through some ads and popups and the resolution isn’t the best. But free is free… As for other content Netflix has like a bazillion shows and if you have a look at the “Services” link on the Smart DNS website you’ll see loads of other sites you will be able to access once you set up your DNS.

    1. Well Kim, if you’re talking about line speed then a 2Mb line will be fine. If you’re talking about bandwidth then it really comes down to how much time you plan on spending in front of the screen. If you’re watching for an hour or so a day then you’re probably looking at between 30 and 50 Gigs. Afrihost have some pretty good deals like their 50Gig + 50Gig which will be plenty for you.

  27. Hi benderflexit. You are doing a great job. Keep it up and thank you.
    My question – do I still need to pay for a TV licence if I go the Netflix route? Have a great day,

    1. Thanks for the kind words Fred. If you have a television then you need a TV license. If you watch streaming media on a monitor that doesn’t have a tuner in it then you don’t need a TV license. If our solution above works for you please share it with your mates by using the social media buttons on the left of our site. Cheers

  28. Hi
    Thanks for all the good work. Great job can u please assist me with the following.
    I have a xbox one and want work everything from this is it possible to load the Netflix app on the xbox or to change the dns from the xbox.

    keep up the good work

    1. Hi Sam. Thanks for the kind words. The Smart DNS website has a good guide on how to set this up on the X-Box One. Follow the free trial link in the post above and then once the website loads sign up for their free trial. Once you’ve signed up click on the “How to set up” link at the top of their home page. Instead of trying to set the DNS settings on your Xbox rather make the changes on your router. From the “How to setup” page select your router model from the drop down and follow the instructions. Please let me know if you have any trouble getting this set up and use the social share buttons on the left of our website to share this with your friends if you found this helpful. Cheers

      1. Probably best to just pop them an email via their support link on their website. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out with this.

    1. Hi Linda. There are a few ways. Depending on the sport you want to watch there are some pay per view options for certain events but if you’re looking for a free option then check out “”. It will take some practice to be able to close their popup ads and the resolution of the video isn’t amazing but hey, it’s free.

  29. Thank you so much for all the above information. Going to try and set it up today using my Son’s PS4.
    I only have a debit card, no credit card…how secure is EntroPay
    want to sign up with them, and hope it will work.
    I also do not have a PayPal Account.

    1. Hi Linda. I’ve not used Entropay before because I pay with my credit card but they seem to be a reputable company. To set Smart DNS Proxy up on your PS4 follow the instructions on their “How to setup” page after selecting PS4 from the “Choose your console” drop down.

      1. Thank you so much. Up and running and loving it.
        Going to cancel dstv tomorrow. Grateful for your invormative article, and making it possible for a technically challenged person like myself to get this to work

  30. Hi. Thanks for your advice in setting this up. I managed to set up the DNS proxy and register with Netflix. I want to use my Samsung S5 galaxy cell phone, but the netflix website says I should install the app. Playstore won’t let me install the app because it is not available in my country (RSA). You may already have covered this, but I’d be grateful if you could give me any advice on how to overcome this obstacle.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Rob. You’re going to need a US Google Play Store account. Just Google “how to get a US Google Play Store account” and follow the steps in any one of the many websites that explain how to do this. After that you should be able to install the Netflix app and if your Smart DNS account is logged in and your IP address is activated then you’re good to go.

  31. Hi i have signed up and i did the setup i got all green ticks, but still censors me to enter netflix what could i be doing wrong am using a 4mb uncaped from telkom.

    1. Hi Keith. What device did you set this up on? If you’re setting it up on a laptop / PC you may have to restart the device and also clear your browser cache. Otherwise check out the part in the post above where I explain about flushing your DNS which you may need to do. Let me know if this sorts out the problem. Otherwise I’ll see what else I can do to help.

  32. Hi Please could you help me with regards to Hulu.

    I have downloaded netflix and hulu on my ps4.
    Netflix is working great and I’m the 30 day free trial

    But hulu I’m having massive problems as it does not want to take my credit card.
    I also added a us zip code but it’s not helping.
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do .

    P’s I have tried Entropay but my 1 free card limit has expired

    1. Hi Dashen. Do you still have access to your Entropay Virtual Visa cardfrom Entropay? I’m not sure what you mean that the free card limit has expired. Just deposit money into the Virtual Visa card using your normal credit card. Once you’ve done this you can open an American Paypal account and link it to your Virtual Visa card. Then set up your payment option on Hulu to debit this Paypal account. Let me know if this works for you.

    1. Hi Belinda. You could setup a Virtual Visa card with Entropay, fund that Virtual Card by means of your debit card and then use the Virtual Card to pay for your Netflix.

  33. Good day I have a mygica that I received from my cousin in Canada. What is needed, I do have the Netflix add on, I have a 4 meg line at mweb. What do I have to do. I hate dstv for sucking me dry for the last 15 years

    1. I’m not really familiar with the MyGica but it seems to be an Android device. You’ll need to install the Netflix app and sign up for an account with Netflix then you should be good to go. Not sure if the Netflix app is available yet on the South African Google Play store though. Once you’ve got it working I recommend making the DNS changes to your ADSL router as per our instructions above so that you can access American Netflix because then you’ll have way more choice than the South African Netflix offering.

  34. good day..please advise ..i have a 512 wifi line from my provider…telkom adsl line stops about 4 km from me….how will my 512 effect the streaming from netfix…

    1. Do you mean a 512k line? That’s going to be pretty useless to stream Netflix on. You’re going to need at least a 2Mb line.

  35. Hi
    I am currently streaming my Netflix via apple TV it’s superb. It’s easy like ABCD bt I worried because my 2mb line struggles during the day.
    Picture quality sum times changes blur. I am using wireless internet am i save? It’s uncapped please help.
    But guy with Apple TV it works perfectly i wish i can get a 4mb line at reasonable price. I am in Limpopo.

    1. Hi Calvin. The 2Mb line is fine to stream Netflix. The problem is that when you have an uncapped account your ISP shapes (or throttles) certain internet traffic like streaming video. Your best bet is to get a capped account and you should see an improvement. Go over to Afrihost and try out their monthly 1Gig free account to see if this works for you. If it does, sign up for one of their paid capped accounts. A 50Gig account (they chuck in an extra 50Gigs) should be fine for normal viewing.

  36. Hi Calvin,
    I am trying to unblock Netflix with smartdns and I have setup my TP-Link router dns server accordingly. All works fine, i can change regions and access Netlfix pages and browse movies for the region I selected. However, when I try to play a movie (either on my computer or dvd player) , it starts downloading but then I get an error message on the Netflix page saying I am using a dns unblocker and I’ve been blocked. So I can’t watch the movie. Any advise on how to solve the problem? Thank you

    1. Hi Thierry. I’ve checked on my side an I can change regions and watch content with no problem. Try resetting your router, login to your Smart DNS account and click on “Activate” next to the red tick you will see on the “My Account” page. Then try accessing Netflix again. If you get the same error message please take a screen grab of the message and send it to the Smart DNS tech guys via their support link on their website. Let me know if you get this working or if you need more help.

  37. Hi
    I have loaded the trial periods for both the Netflix as well as Smart DNS proxy but when I try to load a title it responds:
    ‘WHOOPS Something went wrong….
    Streaming Error
    You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.’

    Can anyone help with this error?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Try this:

      Clear your browser cache and cookies.
      Login to the Smart DNS website and go to the “My Account” page.
      Even if you now see all green ticks click on the text that says
      “Reactivate” on the right of the “IP Activation” row.
      Go back to Netflix and login and try again.

      Let me know if this sorts it out or not.

      1. If this doesn’t work try the following: Go to your “My Account” page and click on “Regions” and then change the Netflix regions setting to United States East 1 or 2. Press update button then restart your device.

  38. Hi there,
    Any comment on this?

    1. Hi Jaco. Netflix have been talking about this for ages now. I’ve heard some people who used VPN options to get around the Netflix geoblocking were having some issues but the companies that provide these services always come back with a solution. I’ve been using Smart DNS for about 2 years now to watch American Netflix in South Africa and it still works just fine. Netflix mention that they have certain “technology” they’ll be using to block these services but the truth is that they would have to block individual IP addresses of the servers that companies like Smart DNS use and then as soon as that happens Smart DNS will just change the IP addresses of their servers. If even the Chinese government can’t completely block access to certain websites in their country then I doubt Netflix are going to be very effective in doing this either.

  39. When in SA using the proxyvwilorked for 2 days. Netflix can see that you are using it. We got blocked yesterday and can’t access the USA or even the SA Netflix. Even bought the apple TV. All for nothing!

    1. Are you using Smart DNS? I can still watch American Netflix in South Africa with this solution just fine. Make sure you set it up on your router first before messing around with Apple TV. Also, make sure your Netflix region is set to “United States Central 2” to begin with. Netflix have been making some changes to their system to block proxies and other workarounds and this has disrupted the unblocking of some of the regions. Apparently Smart DNS are working on making sure all regions are up and running ASAP. For now though the American region works just fine. Your SA Netflix should work though. On the “Regions” page of the Smart DNS website just click the “Netflix Off” button and you will be able to access the Netflix region of where you physically are.

      1. Is this still working (23 Mar 2016)? We used other dns services like Unblock-us, but can no longer watch US netflix. Only the shows that are also on RsA netflix.

        1. Hi Theuns. This still works with Smart DNS. Once you’re signed up for their free trial follow the instructions on their “How to Setup” page to change the DNS settings on your router. Make sure you get all 4 green ticks on your “My Account” page. Click on the “Regions” link on that page and then select “USA 2.2” and then click the “Update” button. Now you should be able to access American Netflix. I currently use this solution and it works fine for me. Netflix have begun to crack down and for now it seems that Smart DNS doesn’t have the other regions besides USA working again yet. They’re working on a fix for that so hopefully it will be working soon as well. Also, certain devices use Google DNS and may now need to have some re-routing set up on your router. Smart DNS have an article on their support page on how to do this if necessary.

  40. Hi, we have been watching Netflix SA since January on appletv. Is there a way to change the region of Netflix when we have been watching this long?Holding thumbs!

    1. Hi Danielle. If you click the smart DNS link in our post above and sign up for the free trial you will be able to access other Netflix regions. Follow the steps we outline in the post and you’ll be good to go. Let me know if you have any trouble setting it up.

  41. Tried different methods and among those Smart DNS is most effective. I searched a lot for a VPN which is offering Smart DNS service. Because I need VPN for other purpose too. I found “Hide-My-IP” VPN and Its unique “DNS Protection” makes it possible to masks users’ real IP that cannot be detected by Netflix bots. I am happy with its performance.

    1. I’ve been mainly using the Smart DNS Proxy to access American Netflix in South Africa but they have a free VPN service with servers all over the world that I use from time to time as well. If you sign up for their Smart DNS service you automatically get access to their VPN’s. I’ve used one of their American VPN’s to access Spotify in South Africa.

  42. You state clearly in your terms and conditions that only after the 30 days payment will be due because of a trail period, but us soon as I put in my money you took it. If this is not a scam I expect my money back in my bank.

  43. Hi Deon. Firstly, it’s not us that offer the free trial. Netflix offer it. Our website just explains how to watch American Netflix in SA. When you sign up for the Netflix free trial they do an authorisation on your credit card for the subscription amount. If you cancel the subscription within the 30 days then they remove the authorisation and the money is freed up on your card. If you decide to stick with the subscription then the subscription fee is actually charged. I’ve got a feeling that once you’ve got Smart DNS working for you like we describe above and you get to watch American Netflix then you won’t be canceling anything. Let me know if you have any troubles setting this up.

  44. Worked well for me – I was using UNOHelper but when Netflix opened up in South Africa I lost all USA content. Just setup SmartDNS and it works on movies I couldn’t acccess before (Err 139). Thanks!

  45. Hi,

    I see the smart DNS set up instructions do not include Telkom Hauwaei routers – do you possibly have set up instructions for this? I tried with Unotelly last night and had no luck, so going to give smartDNS a try. I also tried directly on the Appple TV, but it kept giving me an error message: “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again”


    1. Hi Michelle. I’m not sure which model router you have but as long as you are able to change the Primary and Secondary DNS server settings on the router then it will work. You can use for the Primary and for the secondary. Once you’ve done this it’s a good idea to switch your router off and then on again. Once the router is up and going then sign into your Smart DNS Proxy account and click on “My Account”. If you have a green tick next to the “DNS Setup” row then you’ve set your router up correctly. The third row will probably have a red cross next to it. Click the “Activate” text next to it and you should then see 4 green ticks. Try and access Netflix now and you should see the American content. Let me know if you still have any trouble with this.

      1. Thanks, you are a legend! Note to anyone out there that tries with a Telkom router – they don’t allow you to change the primary and secondary settings on WAN, only LAN – plug in the cable, follow the instructions and it works! Thanks again 🙂

  46. Hi benderflexit

    just a quick one, thanks for the advice, used Samrt dns for a while on Apple 3rd gen by just changing the setting on my apple tv but for about two weeks not this is not working at all, im worried if i make these changes on the router directly it will slow everything down, will this happen? Also have you heard anything about this netflix US “black out” in sa and if its going to be fixed?

    1. Hey Trevor. Yeah, Netflix have been working hard at blocking access to their US content but Smart DNS have been working just as hard at getting it up and running again. Changing the settings on your router isn’t going to fix it. Keep tabs on the Smart DNS Facebook page to see when they manage to get it sorted again. In the mean time, other services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer and loads more still work fine with this solution. Check out the “Services” page on the Smart DNS website to see a full list of unblocked options.

  47. I have a US Netflix account and have been paying for it with my US credit card/which debits from my US bank account. I would rather pay for it with a SA credit card/bank account – how can I do that?

    1. Hi Sue. If you log into Netflix and go to the “Your Account” page via the drop down link on the top right of the page you will be able to edit your billing settings.

    1. Hi Byron. Some Telkom routers won’t allow you access to the settings where you can change the DNS settings. If that’s the case with you then you’ll need to make the changes on your individual devices. Once you’ve signed up for the free trial from SmartDNS, go to the “How to set up” page on their website and choose your device from their list. They will give you step by step instructions on how to do this. The benefit of making the changes on your router (if you’re able to) is that all of your devices connecting via that router will be able to access American Netflix or Hulu without any changes to the device settings.

  48. Hi
    I’m looking at getting an Android media player to handle Netflix, Showmax etc. Will I be able to change the DNS on this device only to allow it to access Netflix? Netflix has recently come down on people watching US Netflix outside the states, has the users of this service been affected at all?

    1. Hi Sylvester. As long as you can change the DNS settings on the device then it will work. A more ideal solution is to make the DNS changes on your router though because then all of your devices will be able to access Netflix without having to make changes on each device. This service does currently work. Netflix was cracking down a little while back but every time they did, Smart DNS came up with a workaround to make sure that their service still worked. I currently use this service every day and so far so good.

  49. Worked great last night, this morning got the message that it had detected I was using a proxy. No longer working. Any workaround I can use?

    1. Hi Graeme. Mine was working fine this afternoon. Check that you’ve got all four green ticks on your “My Account” page, restart your browser and try and access Netflix again. Also, make sure you’re not using any VPN’s, including the VPN from Smart DNS. These work fine for some other services but not for Netflix. Let me know if you still can’t get it working.

  50. I am truly impressed. Having tried numerous VPN’s hitting a brick wall I finally had a break through here watching NETFLIX US content. The setup was absolutely easy. 5 Star rating!

    1. Your best bet is to make the DNS changes on your router. Once that’s done you can use the browser on your laptop or TV to go to the Smart DNS website. Login to your Smart DNS account and make sure you get 4 green ticks on your “My Account” page. You may need to click the “ReaActivate” link on the third row if you don’t see a green tick there. Once you’ve done that you can use the Netflix app on your TV to watch Netflix and now you’ll be presented with the American content.

  51. hi,
    im currently on netflix and DSTV. I would love to just do netflix the US version. If i have Smart DNS, am i still required to pay netflix? or just Smart DNS? Im a little confused over how it all works.
    I would need it for my laptop (windows) and 3 android devices (my kids tablets).
    Is this possible? is there seperate subscriptions for each device?

    1. You will need your Netflix subscription to be active. Signing up for a South African account is fine. Then you will need an active Smart DNS account. That will allow you to access the American Netflix content. Without this you would only have access to the SA content. You only need one Netflix account and, depending on the package you sign up for you, will be able to watch on a few different devices with different profiles at once. You will need one Smart DNS account for each router (not device) that you use to connect to the internet. Let me know if you need any more help.

  52. Hi, with all the setting changes on the router will it affect the Dstv Now app on my tv?

    1. Hey Rodney. It won’t affect the DSTV Now app. You might end up considering cancelling your DSTV though. Once you’ve got Smart DNS set up you can watch all the rugby (and plenty more sport) on ESPN+ for $5 a month and you can watch cricket on Hotstar and SonyLiv too.

  53. Hi, I did everything you mentioned in this post, I am using an xbox to watch Netflix and I got the DNS linked, but when I want to watch something Netflix shows a message that says: “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit”. Do you have any suggestions for what I could do?

    1. Hi Renier. Did you make the DNS changes on your router? Did you check out the setup page on Smart DNS for Xbox? You can see it here: Have a look at the bottom where there’s a trouble shooting section. I’ve not set this up on a game console before. If you don’t come right then pop the Smart DNS guys a support request. They’re really quick about getting back to you.

  54. Have a mi box. Not sure how to complete set up. Need to unsubscribe if does not work. Would like to set up via router but as usual all way above the common man. Please help.

    1. Hi Tim. I’m assuming you’re connecting via an ADSL or Fibre connection as the Smart DNS solutio won’t work via LTE (Cellular). The best option for you would be to make the DNS changes on your router, not your Mi Box. Once you’ve signed up for the free trial with Smart DNS check out their “How To Set Up” page and select your router from the dropdown list.

      1. The steps are explained in detail and even if you’re not too tech savvy it’s pretty easy to follow.

  55. Hi and thank you for such an informative guide. I have a problem with my browser. After the win7 setup on my laptop i cannot access netflix or any other services. I get “connection not private” message.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Thomas. You need to go to your “My Account” page on the Smart DNS Proxy website and make sure you have 4 green ticks. If the third tick isn’t there then click on the “Reactivate” link in the third line. Close your browser, reopen it and you should be good to go.

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