How To Change Your Netflix Region

So Netflix finally started offering their service in your country. You got all excited and signed up for their free trial only to find that there was hardly any content to choose from. Unless you’re in a Netflix region like the US or UK then you would only have access to around 7% to 12% of the content that American Netflix subscribers have. What if there was a way to change your Netflix region so that you could access all that other yummy content from other countries? Well there is and this is how to watch Netflix from other countries.

Get The Best Netflix Unblocker DNS Service

First you need to sign up for a free trial from Smart DNS. Follow the instructions on their “How to setup” page and make the necessary changes to the DNS settings on your router. Once you’re done, login to your Smart DNS account and make sure your “My Account” page looks like this:

Netflix DNS Unblocker - Setup

If you see all 4 green ticks then you know that you’ve completed the setup process correctly.

How To Change Netflix Region

Now we can change our Netflix country to anything we want to. On your “My Account” page click on the “Regions” link shown here circled in red:

Smart DNS Proxy - Netflix Regions

This will load the page where you can change your Netflix regions. On the left of the page you will see a drop down selector. Click this and choose the region you would like to access. Once you’ve selected a Netflix region click the “Update” button next to the region selector.

Change Netflix Region

It will take a few seconds and then a dialog box will appear confirming that your Netflix region has changed. Now when you load the Netflix website you will be able to watch all the content from that region instead of just the tiny amount Netflix offer in your region.

Try checking out Netflix regions like Japan, UK and Canada in addition to the US. Often these regions have content that aren’t even offered on American Netflix.

Is Netflix Coming to South Africa?

Is Netflix coming to South Africa? Well, if the recent announcement from Netflix is to be believed then yes but we’re a little more sceptical. South African media has been abuzz about the recent announcement by Netflix that they are aiming to go global in the next 2 years and that South Africa is on the list of countries that will eventually be able to access their services. Understandably there has been some excitement about this announcement because South Africans haven’t exactly had a lot to choose from when it comes to decent TV content. The current offerings from the likes of DSTV are just way too expensive for what you get. There are a few million pay TV subscribers in SA and you can be sure that a lot of them pricked up their ears when they heard the Netflix announcement. When (if) Netflix do eventually get around to offering their service in South Africa will it be the solution to all your TV watching needs though? We doubt it and here’s why.

Currently if you try to access the Netflix website you get a message saying that their service isn’t currently available in your country. Netflix geoblock access to their content because of content licensing agreements they have with the people who provide them with the content. These content licensing issues aren’t just going to go away when (if) Netflix decides to start operating in South Africa. They have to pay for the rights to offer Video On Demand (VOD) content in whatever region they are targeting. This means that even if they have the right to show a program in the US they need to pay for a new license to show it in South Africa. Now think about the size of the market in South Africa compared to the US market and that will give you an idea of why this could become an expensive exercise with a pretty slow return on investment if they try and license all the decent content they currently offer in the US. Well, that just isn’t going to happen.

Essentially what might (and this is a big “might”) come to South Africa is the equivalent of Netflix Light with a reduced content offering. Depending on the pricing structure and the anticipated reduction in bandwidth costs they may actually come up with a compelling offer but I doubt it’s going to be cheaper than the current US subscription cost and you’ll be getting a lot less. So is Netflix coming to South Africa? Well, maybe, sometime, and looking a lot skinnier. Also, the answer to that question doesn’t really matter. If you’ve had a look at our guide to watching Netflix in South Africa you’ll know that there’s no need to wait.

PlayStation TV Given Introductory Video Overview For Europe

The upcoming set-top box from Sony called “PlayStation TV”, currently current in its residence country of Japan (where it is understood as “PS Vita TV”) and also soon to do so in the USA (since 14 October), amongst other markets, is planning for a multi-national release in Europe on 14 November, as well as have started the process helpful a few of its potential new customers prepare.
The item’s impending launch in two and six weeks, specifically, will offer the product a much broader coverage on the worldwide market, as well as Sony will be wishing that the PSTV can make a strong beginning perception. To allow individuals understand exactly what they could be buying, they have revealed an official minute-long clip introducing the item and its attributes in both gaming and also streaming purposes.
The main video description notes of the gadget: “PlayStation TELEVISION” is a smooth and small console with hundreds of Playstation games available to download or stream. This will be great to watch Netflix on. Whether making use of as a 2nd console for your bedroom or the primary gaming system in your living-room, PlayStation TELEVISION is an easy way for players of all ages and ability degrees to enjoy playing games with each other.” Collection to release at a rate of £84.99 / Euro99.99 with 1GB built-in storage space and also 3 free games, will the PlayStation TELEVISION increase its reputation with their European launch? Some folks not in the continent will certainly currently know first-hand just what the product is everything about.
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