How To Get Spotify In India

Do you want to listen to Spotify in India? Spotify India hasn’t launched yet but we’ll show you how to get Spotify in India with this easy solution.

Spotify has become one of the most popular free online music streaming services. Spotify offers their services in a few different countries like the USA and the UK but don’t currently operate in India. They use geoblocking to make sure that only people within the countries they operate in are able to access their service. They do this by checking the IP address of the device you are using. If your IP address shows that you are in India then they will block you from accessing their service. The solution to how to make Spotify work in India is to make it seem that you are actually accessing their service from within the USA. Here’s how to do it.

Smart DNS - Spotify IndiaClick Here To Grab Your Free 2 Week Trial Of Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy provide a great service which allows you to unblock Spotify and many other online entertainment options that are currently blocked in India. They have fast servers all over the world that make it possible for you to make it seem that you are accessing these services from within the countries they operate in. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. The first step to getting Spotify in India is to sign up for the free 2 week trial. They only ask for your email address so there’s no need for any payment details. Once the trial is complete you can then convert your account to a paid option if you’re happy with their service.
  2. Go to the Smart DNS website and login to your account.
  3. Once you’ve signed up and logged in you need to make some changes to the DNS settings of your router or device (laptop, PC, phone,etc…). Smart DNS have a “How To Setup” page that explains how to do this. Simply go the the setup page, choose your device or operating system and then follow the step by step instructions. We advise making the changes on your router. This will save you having to make the changes on your other devices that access the internet via the router.
  4. Once you’ve made the changes to your DNS settings restart your router and device.
  5. Go to the Smart DNS website and log into your account.
  6. Go to the “My Account” page. Here you should see some green ticks and probably at least one red circle with a line through it. We need to see 4 green ticks to indicate that our setup is complete.
  7. If there is a red circle in the IP Activation row then you need to click “Reactivate”.
  8. If you have followed the setup correctly then you should see 4 green ticks like this:
Spotify India - Setup

If you have any trouble with this then use the “Support” link on the Smart DNS website. Their technical support service is excellent.

Now that we have the DNS part setup we can access a lot of different online media options that are blocked in India. It even allows you to watch American Netflix in India. To see a list of the other unblocked services you can check out the “Services” link on the Smart DNS website. We still need to do something else though to get Spotify working for us.

Spotify India VPN

To get Spotify working in India we need to follow a few more steps. Spotify are a little sneaky so we need to use the VPN service that Smart DNS offer. To do this you need to go to the “My Account” page on their website and then click on the “VPN” link. This is towards the top right of the page on their website.

Now you will see two links. One will take you to the VPN setup instructions and the other to a list of VPN addresses around the world.

Click on the VPN setup instructions link and choose the set of instructions that match your device or operating system. In each case the PPTP option is your best bet. Follow the instructions and when you get to the part where you need to enter a VPN address you can choose one of the US servers from their list. Once you’ve completed the setup process you should see the VPN connection available in your list of network connections. Click on it and connect to the VPN. The password you use for the VPN is the same as the password you use to login to your Smart DNS account.

Now that we have our VPN setup we need to download the Spotify app. Click here to get the app. Install it and then run the app. Once the app is running you’ll see this.

Spotify India

Click on the “Sign Up” link and complete the registration process. Once you’ve done this you can login to your Spotify account and choose the “Remember Me” option. If your VPN is connected then you’ll be able to enjoy Spotify in India. The free version of Spotify plays adverts every now and again. If you want to have it completely ad free then you need to upgrade to Spotify Premium. There is a way to get free Spotify ad free though.

How To Use Spotify In India – Ad Free!

When Spotify decide which ad to show you they look at your IP address to see where you are and then serve location specific adverts for local businesses. If you disconnect your VPN it will now look like you’re back in India and you won’t be served any of those ads. Lucky for us Spotify only look at your location when you sign in.

Once you’ve got your VPN connected sign into the Spotify app and confirm that it’s working. Now close the app and disconnect from the VPN. Now restart the app and you will still be able to use it. The only ads you’ll hear now are the ones where Spotify try to encourage you to sign up for their Premium service.

Sometimes your router may get reassigned a new IP address and you’ll see this message:

Spotify Error Code 408 - Your country does not match the one set in your profile

If you get this message simply close the app, connect to the VPN, open the app and sign in. Once you’ve confirmed that it’s working you can close the app, disconnect the VPN and then restart the app. Again, if you have any trouble with how to use Spotify in India just contact the technical support guys at Smart DNS. They’re really good.

The Smart DNS service is a brilliant solution to unblocking all sorts of online entertainment options. Once your 2 week free trial ends you can choose between paying $4.95 per month or you can choose one of their longer term plans. Streaming music online is the way of the future and you can be sure that more and more companies will be providing services like this going forward. For now, Spotify is one of the best music streaming services but they only operate in a few countries. Spotify India isn’t likely to launch anytime soon. That little detail shouldn’t stop you though. Simply follow the solution we describe above and you can get Spotify in India today!

Smart DNS - Spotify IndiaClick Here To Grab Your Free 2 Week Trial Of Smart DNS Proxy

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