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Netflix India has only 13% of the content that is available on American Netflix. Want to watch American Netflix in India? Here is the easiest and cheapest way to do this. Grab your free trial today.

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How to watch American Netflix in India

So Netflix India has finally launched. While this is exciting news the content Netflix will be showing in India is unfortunately nowhere near as awesome as what Netflix provide in America. While Netflix currently block access to their American website if you are in India there’s no need to only watch what Netflix offer in India because you can start watching American Netflix in India today by using a great solution from the people at Smart DNS Proxy. Follow these steps and you’ll be watching American Netflix in India today:

  1. Go to the Netflix website and sign up for the free trial.
  2. Click on the image below to go to the Smart DNS Proxy website.
  3. Sign up for the free Smart DNS trial.
  4. Follow the instructions on the “How to Setup” page to change your DNS settings on the device you will be watching Netflix on.
  5. Restart your device and log in to your Smart DNS Proxy account.
  6. If there’s a green tick next to Account Activation and DNS setup then you’re almost there.
  7. If there’s a red tick next to “IP Activation” click on the “Activate” text next to the tick.
  8. Once you have 4 green ticks you’re ready to go. Now you can access the American Netflix content.

Netflix IndiaWhy is it that all the content that Netflix offer in America isn’t available in India? Their website essentially looks at your IP address to see which country you are in and if you are not in one of the countries that they currently operate in then they block your access. They do this because of content licensing rights that they have to pay for in each region that they operate in. While Netflix has the right to show certain shows in America they may not have the rights to show these programs in India and this is why they limit the content that is available to Indian users. If you make your computer’s IP address appear to be coming from the USA then you will be able to get access the American content. This is exactly what Smart DNS does.

American Netflix in India: VPN Proxy or DNS

Some people make use of a VPN service but this is not the best way to go about things. VPN’s are often slow, especially if they are handling a lot of traffic. VPN’s are also less intelligent in the way that they route different types of internet traffic. There is a better option available to us though.

Netflix India A better option is to choose a service provider like Smart DNS. Their DNS servers allow you to make it seem that your computer is actually in the USA and not in India. They give step by step directions on their website on how to make the necessary changes to your DNS settings. You just go to their setup page and select the device and operating system you use and then follow their instructions. They explain how to make the necessary changes to your DNS settings on a number of devices including laptop, tablet, smart TV, set top boxes and others. They also cater for a large range of operating systems so even if you aren’t a computer expert if you just follow their step by step instructions you will be able to get this working in no time.

Smart DNS Proxy also give you an opportunity to make use of their service on a free 2 week trial basis. This means that they are very confident that you will enjoy their solution. They don’t ask for anything else other than your email address to access their free trial. The reason they do this is because they just know that you are going to love how easy they have made it to watch American Netflix in India or anywhere else for that matter. When the free trial comes to an end you will need pay the subscription fee to continue using their service. They allow you to subscribe on a monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, annual or 24 month period. The longer you sign up for the more of a saving you make per month on the subscription cost.

Once you sign up for the trial you need to change your network settings on the device you will be using to watch Netflix. After you have made the network changes make sure you restart your device and then log in to your Smart DNS Proxy account and check for the four green ticks on the right of the “My Account” page indicating the status to see if you made the changes correctly. If you see 4 green ticks then it means you have made the correct DNS changes and you can proceed to the next step.

If you enjoy watching Netflix in India, and we think you will, then after the month free trial your card will be charged the Rs. 500 subscription fee (depending on which plan you choose). You can also sign up for an HD account but this costs more per month and you need to be sure that you have a fast enough internet line. You can upgrade or downgrade your Netflix at any time though so there is no harm in trying. The cost to use the Smart DNS service depends on the subscription you choose. The monthly rate is $4.99 but you can save money by signing up for their 12 month or 24 month packages. You will need to pay up front for these instead of on a monthly basis but it works out a lot cheaper than the monthly option.

Now you will be able to enjoy all the movies and television programs they currently only make available in the USA. By using the region changing option on your Smart DNS account page you will be able to access content from other Netflix countries as well.

There are also a number of other content service providers, besides Netflix, that you will now be able to access. Under the “Services” page on the Smart DNS website you will see a long list of online media services including the likes of Hulu, Pandora, and many others. While Spotify India hasn’t launched yet the solution from Smart DNS even makes it possible to access Spotify in India! Some of these are paid services but a number of them are free to use. On Netflix there are some popular new movies as well as a lot of classics. There are also quite a number of Bollywood movies. The TV series that are shown on Netflix vary from the latest and most popular shows to some old time favorites as well. If you have any trouble setting up your Netflix account then please let us know and we will gladly assist. If you plan on signing up for Netflix India make sure you use the solution above to access American Netflix in India!


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36 thoughts on “Netflix India

  1. How am I supposed to subscribe to netflix? Indian credit card wont match with US zip code and will be rejected like always

    1. Hi Anindya. You shouldn’t have any trouble with this. Just use 90210 as the zip code and use your credit card as normal. I’m in South Africa and used this zip code and pay with my South African credit card and it works just fine. If for whatever reason it doesn’t work then try using the services of . Let me know if you don’t get this working and I’ll try and assist.

  2. on my ipad when i open the netflix site to watch a video it asks me to install netflix app. app store says its not available in my region. how come smart dns proxy not work on apple store!

    1. Hi Bukka. To get Netflix working on your iPad you will need the Netflix app and as you say it isn’t available on many of the international iStore accounts. You need to set up a US iTunes account and get the app from there. It’s really easy to do this. Just Google “how to get a us itunes account” and follow the instructions. After you have the app installed follow the instructions on the SmartDNS “How To Setup” page by selecting “iPad” from the “Choose your iOS/Android” dropdown. Let me know if this works for you. If not, let me know and I’ll be happy to assist. Also, if our page helped you it would be great if you could use the Facebook and Twitter buttons on the left to share our page with your friends.

  3. Tried many times setting up DNS and restarted many times but it doenst show the green mark. but for other two i.e. subscription and IP, it i showing. Help me out.

    1. Hi Sahil. If the second tick isn’t green then it’s because you haven’t setup your DNS settings properly. Please recheck the DNS addresses you entered in your network settings to make sure that you have exactly the right numbers entered. Also, make sure you are trying to access Netflix via wifi or ADSL and not 3G because Smart DNS won’t work via the cellphone network. Let me know if this sorts out the problem or not.

    1. Unfortunately the Smart DNS service won’t work on a 3G/4G/LTE network but they do have a VPN service as part of your subscription and allthough it is a little slower it will work as well. My suggestion is to sign up for the Smart DNS Proxy free trial and then send them the details of your modem via their support contact details and ask them for assistance on how to set your VPN connection up.


    1. Glad to hear you got Netflix working on your laptop. Did you make the DNS changes on your laptop or router? If you made the changes on your router then you can go straight to the Netflix website on your TV. If you made the changes on your laptop then you will need to change the DNS settings on your TV but this is pretty easy. Click on the “How to setup” link at the top of the Smart DNS website. Select “Sony″ from the “Choose your television” dropdown and click “Setup”. They give step by step instructions on how to set this up. If you have any trouble let me know and I’ll give you a hand. Also, if our page helped you out please share it with your friends using the social media buttons on the left. Enjoy!

    1. Unfortunately it won’t be any time soon and even when they do start up in India don’t expect the same amount and quality of content that is currently available on American Netflix. There’s no need to wait though. Just follow our instructions above and you’ll be able to watch American Netflix anywhere in the world.

  5. I know this sounds dumb but is there any way to get an account without a credit card? I dont have a credit card. I got everything else right, When I tried to sign up using paypal, it said netflix wont accept payment from indian paypal service. What should I do?


    1. Hi Sasha. Credit card is the best way to go but if you don’t have one you could try using a virtual prepaid Visa card. Google it and try one of the service providers like Cardxpress that will help you get a virtual Visa card that you can fund from your Paypal account. It does cost a few extra bucks to go this route though…

  6. hi, i did everything! but i want to ask that is there an app for iphone? i’m sure i have seen it somewhere

    1. Hi Nishita. There is a Netflix app but it’s only available on the US iTunes store. You will have to set up a US iTunes account to access it. You can just Google “How to get a US iTunes account” and follow the instructions on one of the sites that show how to do this.

    1. Netflix only currently operate in a handful of countries (like the USA, Canada, UK, etc…) and in order to use their service you would have to physically be in those countries because they check your IP address before allowing access to their service. With the solution we describe above you can watch American Netflix in any country. In fact, with the above solution you can even change your Netflix region to the UK or Canada and with the same Netflix subscription you can watch the content that Netflix offers in those countries. There is a lot of variety in the programs that Netflix offer in the different regions. In other words, many programs offered on Netflix in Canada aren’t available in the USA and vice versa.

      1. I could not find the DNS settings after logging on to my Wifi network.I searched for it but couldn’t find it.Neither did the dns fields show up anywhere.Help Please.

        1. Hi Manas. If you go to the “How to Setup” page on the Smart DNS Proxy website and follow the instructions you will get this working. Give me more specifics about your operating system and device if you still have trouble.

  7. Hi use a airtel broadband connection with there Primatel Wireless Router.
    Can this Wifi Router be configured for Unblock US !

    1. Hi VJ. This shouldn’t be a problem at all as long as you can access the DNS settings of the router. Check out the instructions on the Smart DNS Proxy website by going to their “How to Setup” page, click the “Choose Your Router” drop down and select “Generic Router Instructions”. This will take you to some generic instructions of how to make the changes on your router. If you still aren’t able to just send them a request along with the model number of your router via their “Support” link at the top of the page.

    1. Hi Ajit. I’ve watched Netflix on a 2Mb line and it worked just fine. It buffers and then plays after about 30 seconds. If you set the resolution to the higher settings then your movie may stop and start to buffer every now and again. If you keep the resolution setting somewhere in the middle then you’ll have no problem with a 2Mb line. It may even work ok on a 1Mb line but I’ve not tried it.

  8. I want to know following :

    1. Can I make payment with Maestro Debit Card issued by an Indian Bank.

    2. Can I download movies instead of live streaming ?

    3. Is the process illegal? After all we have to change DNS and agree to terms and conditions of Netflix?

    1. Hi Jayanta. You need to make payment with a credit card or via Paypal. A debit card won’t work. There is no option to download content as Netflix works with streaming only. The solution we describe is not illegal but it is against the Netflix terms and conditions. If (somehow) they find out that you are accessing their content from outside of a country where they operate then they will cancel your account. I’ve been using this solution for the last 2 years so far with no problem. Also, besides Netflix there is a load of other content you will now be able to access. Check out the “Services” link at the top of the Smart DNS Proxy website.

    1. Hi Kerrun. The Smart DNS proxy subscription is $4.95 per month on their monthly package but you can save if you sign up for their 6 month, 12 month or 24 month packages. On their home page you can scroll all the way to the bottom and then click on the “Pricing” link at the bottom of the page. Make sure you are not logged into your account when you do this and then you’ll see the pricing options.

  9. What is the minimum speed required for playing movies of 720p and 1080p of HD quality. At present I use ADSL router in India (Mumbai, MTNL) which is having a speed of 2mbps.

    1. For HD (720p and 1080p) you’ll need at least a 5Mb line. You will also have to sign up for the more expensive HD Netflix package. That being said, I watch the regular definition package and it worked just fine on a 2Mb line. Try the standard definition subscription first. You can always upgrade later at any time.

    1. Netflix doesn’t stream Indian channels but it will make some Indian local content available. Apparently they will be adding more local content in the future and really it just depends on the cost of licensing this content from the media companies that produce the Indian shows and movies. For Rs. 500 it’s a good deal to sign up with Netflix and then use the solution we describe above to get access to the content on American Netflix.

  10. How to access Netflix using debit card, the Indian debit card wont match with US zip code and will be rejected like always. What is the best way to access Netflix in India and how to solve the debit card problem in the US sites likes Netflix, Hulu, Spotify etc.

    1. Hi Don. You’re going to need to pay with a credit card or via Paypal. Sign up with Netflix in India and then after that follow the instructions on our website to get your free trial of Smart DNS. Once you’ve made the DNS changes as explained then you can login to your Netflix account and watch content from whichever region you’ve set it to in your “My Account” page on the Smart DNS website.

  11. I had signed up(with all india address and details) before I saw this page. Then I saw ur page. Signed up for smart dns. Setup my apple tv. and US content started appering. Wow!

    But, I cant play movies. Netflix found that I am using proxy? Oh no….

    It is asking me remove any such settings. This is the error it is giving me:

    Any idea what is the issue?

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