Pandora South Africa – Free Online Music In SA

Pandora is a free online music streaming service that has been around for quite a while now. The problem is that Pandora South Africa hasn’t launched yet and they block access to their service if you live outside of America. Does this mean that it’s game over? No! We’ll show you a simple solution to get Pandora in South Africa.

First it is important to understand how Pandora blocks access to their service. They basically have a look at your IP address when you try to access the Pandora website. The first part of your IP address is a dead giveaway in letting them know from which country you are trying to access their website from. As soon as they see that you’re in South Africa they shut the gates.

Smart DNS Free Trial

What if there was a way to make it look like we were actually accessing their website from the United States? Then we’d be in business. The best way to do this is by using a great solution from Smart DNS Proxy.

Once you’ve signed up for their 2 week free trial and follow their simple setup instructions then you’ll be able to get Pandora in South Africa. Not only that but you’ll now be able to access a bunch of other services that are currently blocked in South Africa. Their service makes it look like you are accessing these services from within the USA so that you are able to get around those annoying geo-blocking tactics.

Once you sign up for the free trial on the Smart DNS Proxy website you’ll need to login to your account and then go to the “How to setup” page. There’s a link to that page on the top of their website. Essentially we will be making some changes to our DNS settings.

Pandora South Africa

Don’t be freaked out by this if you’re not too technical. Their instructions take you step by step through the process. You won’t need anything more than an email address when signing up for the free trial. If you don’t like their solution then it will just expire after 2 weeks. I’m guessing you’re going to love it though. We do! If you decide to keep using the service once the free trial ends you can decide between paying $4.95 per month or you could save a few bucks by paying up front for a longer period.

Once you’re on the “How to setup” page you need to select your device or router. I advise making the changes to your router because that way any device that connects to the internet via the router will now be able to access these unblocked services.

Once you’ve chosen your router model you need to click on the “Setup” button. Follow the instructions on how to change your DNS settings. Make sure that you use the two South African IP addresses that they give in their list when you make the changes.

Once you’ve made the changes it is important to restart your router and your device (laptop, pc, etc…). Once your router and device have restarted you need to go back to the Smart DNS website and login to your account. Once you’ve logged in click on the link in the top right of the page to go to “My Account”. You should see a screen that looks like this:

Smart DNS Setup

You may see a red tick in the third row. If so, simply click on the “ReActivate” text and it should go green. If you see all 4 green ticks then it means that you’re all set up and ready to listen to Pandora in South Africa.

Head on over to the Pandora website and sign up for a free account. During the signup process you’ll have to enter a Zip code. You can enter any old US Zip code and 90210 works just fine. Once you’ve signed up you’re good to go.

Pandora allows you to create a station by choosing a band or song that you like. They will then play music that is both from that band as well as music that is from the same genre. It’s not going to let you put together a playlist of specific songs but it’s really good at understanding what you like based on the song or band you enter. What’s nice about this is that you discover music that fits your taste but that you may never have heard of before.

You can create up to 100 different “stations” on Pandora. Each of these can be a different genre or “feel” depending on the seed artist or song you use to create the station. I like to create one for chill, rocking out, focus, instrumental… You get the picture.

Pandora is a free service but the money has to come from somewhere. This is why they sell advertising. Every now and again, when a song ends, you’ll hear an advert. The free version also limits how many times you can skip songs. This can be a little annoying sometimes but hey, it’s free online music! They also offer a paid version ($4.95 per month) called Pandora One. This paid version allows you to skip songs whenever you want as well as listen without the ads or breaks.

We’ve put together a Spotify South Africa guide as well. They give you more control over what songs you listen to but it’s a little more tricky to set up. While they also have a free version supported by ads they do give you the option of upgrading to a paid, ad free, version.

Now that you’ve got this set up you can access loads of other service that are blocked in South Africa. On the Smart DNS proxy website you’ll see a link called “Services”. Go to that page and check out all the other good stuff that you’ve been missing out on. There are loads of free services as well as some great paid ones. You can now even watch the American content while using your existing Netflix South Africa account. Go grab your free trial from Smart DNS Proxy and get your very own version of Pandora South Africa today!

Smart DNS Free Trial